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Peaks - View closeup / Available in the shop

1/3 >

Limited edition of 50, inkjet print on Somerset Satin 300gsm paper.

Leo Ewals, 'Wim Zurné: Werk'

1/11 >

Dutch artist monograph. 192 pages, 22000 words, 249 images.
Hardback cover with exposed cloth spine. Buy here.

360 Degrees of Cake - View closeup / Available in the shop

1/2 >

A3 inkjet print.

Illustration of Sir Peter Cook

1/2 >

Created for 75 Peters exhibition held in Brisbane, Australia.


1/1 >

A3 inkjet print exclusive to Smug, Camden Passage, Islington, N1. Buy here.

Rome map

1/2 >

Illustration for Wallpaper* Magazine.

Cylinders - View closeup / Buy blue edition here

1/3 >

Limited edition letterpress print on Somerset Satin 300gsm paper.
Red edition exclusive to Smug, 13 Camden Passage, Islington, N1.

Degree Show Branding

1/6 >

BA Graphic Design 2009, Camberwell College of Arts.
Collaboration with James Hayter.

Changing Shadows

1/6 >

Screen print series documenting the opening and closing of flowers.
Prints available from Smug, 13 Camden Passage, Islington, N1.

Tracing Shadows

1/6 >

Photographic work documenting light and shadows on trees at night.

Camberwell Arts Festival 2009 promotional campaign

1/6 >

Screen printed wallpaper posters, website and brochure.
Collaboration with James Hayter and THIS IS Studio.

Poster for International Educator's Conference, 2008

1/2 >

Designed for ECCA to describe what they do.

'How to find us' Map

1/3 >

Proposed for fashion designer's website.
Collaboration with Quickmap.

V&A Village Fête, 2008

1/4 >

Rudolf Hass' Avocados
Players guide an avocado seed past the holes to win a prize.

Christmas Conflict

1/5 >

Edition of 16. The more Christmas presents you give, the higher you score.

Roadside Sundial

1/5 >

The shadow cast by the lamp post allows you to tell the time.

Liquid Typography

1/5 >

A system designed to create 27 unique characters
by dripping liquids onto an overhead projector.
Collaboration with James Hayter.


1/4 >

The passing of time is shown by transforming video footage into long two-dimensional images.